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  • 論文
    論文題目 刊物名稱 第一作者 發表年度
    A calibration method of solar radiometers ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTION RESEARCH Bai, Jianhui 2019
    Evaluation and Intercomparison of Multiple Snow Water Equivalent Products over the Tibetan Plateau JOURNAL OF HYDROMETEOROLOGY Bian, Qingyun 2019
    Contribution of Different Time-Scale Variations to the Tropical Cyclogenesis Environment over the Northern Tropical Atlantic and Comparison with the Western North Pacific JOURNAL OF CLIMATE Cao, Xi 2019
    Re-examining the decadal change of tropical cyclogenesis over the South China Sea around the mid-1990s INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY Cao, Xi 2019
    Evaluating the Algorithm for Correction of the Bright Band Effects in QPEs with S-, C- and X-Band Dual-Polarized Radars ADVANCES IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES Cao, Yang 2019
    Long-range correlation analysis among non-stationary passive scalar series in the turbulent boundary layer PHYSICA A-STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS Chen Dongwei 2019
    Why Was the August Rainfall Pattern in the East Asia-Pacific Ocean Region in 2016 Different from That in 1998 under a Similar Preceding El Nino Background? JOURNAL OF CLIMATE Chen, Dong 2019
    First Rocketsonde Launched from an Unmanned Semi-submersible Vehicle ADVANCES IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES Chen, Hongbin 2019
    Increased population exposure to extreme droughts in China due to 0.5 degrees C of additional warming ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS Chen, Huopo 2019
    Anthropogenic fine particulate matter pollution will be exacerbated in eastern China due to 21st century GHG warming ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS Chen, Huopo 2019
    Statistical analysis of inertial gravity wave parameters in the lower stratosphere over Northern China CLIMATE DYNAMICS Chen, Lei 2019
    MICS-Asia III: multi-model comparison and evaluation of aerosol over East Asia ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS Chen, Lei 2019
    Using 4-km WRF CONUS simulations to assess impacts of the surface coupling strength on regional climate simulation CLIMATE DYNAMICS Chen, Liang 2019
    Inter-annual variation of the spring haze pollution over the North China Plain: Roles of atmospheric circulation and sea surface temperature INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY Chen, Shangfeng 2019
    The leading interannual variability modes of winter surface air temperature over Southeast Asia CLIMATE DYNAMICS Chen, Shangfeng 2019
    Recent Strengthened Impact of the Winter Arctic Oscillation on the Southeast Asian Surface Air Temperature Variation ATMOSPHERE Chen, Shangfeng 2019
    Interdecadal Modulation of AMO on the Winter North Pacific Oscillation-Following Winter ENSO Relationship ADVANCES IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES Chen, Shangfeng 2019
    Enhanced impact of Arctic sea ice change during boreal autumn on the following spring Arctic oscillation since the mid-1990s CLIMATE DYNAMICS Chen, Shangfeng 2019
    Projections of climate changes over mid-high latitudes of Eurasia during boreal spring: uncertainty due to internal variability CLIMATE DYNAMICS Chen, Shangfeng 2019
    Performance of the CMIP5 models in simulating the Arctic Oscillation during boreal spring CLIMATE DYNAMICS Chen, Shangfeng 2019
    Interannual variability of surface air temperature over mid-high latitudes of Eurasia during boreal autumn CLIMATE DYNAMICS Chen, Shangfeng 2019
    Present-day status and future projection of spring Eurasian surface air temperature in CMIP5 model simulations CLIMATE DYNAMICS Chen, Shangfeng 2019
    Anthropogenic impacts on recent decadal change in temperature extremes over China: relative roles of greenhouse gases and anthropogenic aerosols CLIMATE DYNAMICS Chen, Wei 2019
    Attribution of Recent Trends in Temperature Extremes over China: Role of Changes in Anthropogenic Aerosol Emissions over Asia JOURNAL OF CLIMATE Chen, Wei 2019
    Long-term grazing effects on soil-atmosphere exchanges of CO2, CH4 and N2O at different grasslands in Inner Mongolia: A soil core study ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS Chen, Weiwei 2019